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Meet CPMA Board Member Dr. Danielle Butto!

Meet CPMA Board Member Dr. Danielle Butto!

Envisioning our Future with Dr. Danielle Butto

For over 100 years the Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association has been devoted to serving members the best experiences and opportunities in the state. We have been able to achieve this continued commitment due to the involvement of our passionate members, and the impeccable leadership of our dedicated CPMA Board.


The CPMA Board of Directors had the privilege last summer of welcoming new board member Dr. Danielle Butto, a board-certified podiatric surgeon. To better introduce her to our members, we’d like to share her journey in podiatry, the challenges faced by patients seeking podiatric services, the dynamics of board membership, and her perspective on the future of the field.

Dr. Butto's career began with the decision to practice in Connecticut, a choice rooted in familiarity. Having completed her residency in the state, Dr. Butto found herself drawn to the area where she had honed her skills and made the decision to stay in Connecticut when the hospital where she completed her residency offered her a position.

With a decade in the field under her belt, Dr. Butto is acutely aware of the challenges patients face when seeking podiatric services. A common scenario is where patients reveal generalized foot pain, often stemming from underlying issues like nerve pain or arthritis. Recognizing the interconnected nature of these ailments, Dr. Butto advocates for collaboration with specialists from other disciplines for better patient outcomes.

Joining the CPMA Board of Directors has proved to be an educational and eye-opening experience for Dr. Butto. One of her main goals for her time on the board is growing membership, particularly focusing on engaging younger members; recognizing the vital role they play in shaping the future of the profession, she believes that collective engagement is essential in tackling crucial issues such as scope of practice and fair reimbursement.

As a younger doctor, Dr. Butto isn’t too far removed from her initial decision to pursue podiatry. She recognizes that the scope of podiatry remains largely unknown to college students, underscoring the importance of providing insights into the profession. Dr. Butto believes that aspiring healthcare workers should spend time shadowing in a podiatry office to gain a better understanding of all the opportunities and challenges within the field.

Even with all her professional endeavors, Dr. Butto manages to find balance in her life. On the weekends you may catch her with her German short-haired pointer, a constant companion in her outdoor adventures. For a more complete recharge, Dr. Butto enjoys traveling abroad, and just got back from a trip to London!

Dr. Danielle Butto’s journey in podiatry is a story that may feel familiar to many CPMA members. Her insights into challenges, board membership, and the future of podiatry offer valuable perspectives that resonate with both seasoned professionals and those entering the field. Thank you, Dr. Butto, for sharing your perspectives and we eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions you will continue to bring to the CPMA Board.



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