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Legislative Update • April 2024

Legislative Update • April 2024

The Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association has hired The Kowalski Group to assist with our legislative efforts. The following update was written on April 16, 2024 by Linda Kowalski.

We are pleased to provide this update to the Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association on the 2024 Legislative Session.  At this point there are many issues that are still unresolved.   As in past years, CPMA’s legislative team had an active presence during the committee public hearing phase that involved in-person, virtual and written testimony. Bills have been reported to the floor of the House and Senate for debate where we closely monitor each and every one that relates to the Podiatric profession and watch for amendments on the floor.    

Our priority, House Bill 5196, An Act Concerning the Podiatric Scope of Practice, continues to be in play.  We have engaged in hours of discussions with the Public Health committee on this matter and have met with representatives of the CT Orthopedic Society.  At this point, the bill is a work-in-progress, and we remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached.  CPMA is seeking the ability for qualified Podiatrists to perform a total ankle replacement and extend permissible foot amputation to the Chopart Joint. 

Several positive developments have occurred that we want to share with you:  

  • No bill was introduced to prohibit several professions (including Podiatry) from using the term “physician.”  We had asked the committee not to introduce this legislation because last year’s debate was divisive and unproductive.   
  • We were also able to convince the Public Health committee not to introduce another bill from last session that would require medical professionals to wear an ID name tag at all times when in their office.
  • Legislation is pending in the Senate regarding adverse determinations and utilization reviews that shifts the burden onto insurance companies to prove a procedure or service is not medically necessary (Senate Bill 180). 

CPMA is working diligently to approve a proposal that will increase Medicaid reimbursement fees.  Dr. Kristen Winters, DPM, offered testimony in support of the bill (House Bill 5459) to the Human Services committee and made the point that it will increase access to services.  At this point the issue is not resolved and is intertwined with the budget discussions.   

For those Podiatrists who utilize Telehealth services, House Bill 5198, An Act Concerning Telehealth, will extend through June 30, 2027 a number of the key expansions that were enacted during the pandemic.  These include allowing an audio-only appointment if the patient does not have video capability.  Some patients, particularly senior citizens who are still susceptible to Covid-19, prefer remote appointments.  This bill is pending in the House.  

There could be an expansion of the state’s paid sick leave law to cover more employers.  Right now, the law requiring paid sick leave applies to entities with 50 or more employees.  Governor Lamont proposed to eliminate the threshold and apply the law to all businesses.  Senate bill number 12 is pending in the Senate.  A compromise somewhere in the middle is likely.  

Adjournment is set for May 8.  As of today, over 600 bills are in the House and Senate awaiting consideration. 


For more information on how to help us engage with legislators and secure the future of our practice, please consider joining CPMA or reaching out to us directly.



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The Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association has hired The Kowalski Group to assist with our legislative efforts. The following update was written on April 16, 2024 by Linda Kowalski. We are…

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