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Legislative Update • August 2023

Legislative Update • August 2023

The Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association has hired The Kowalski Group to assist with our legislative efforts. The following update was written on August 3, 2023 by Linda Kowalski.

CPMA is continuing with our efforts to improve the scope of practice that licensed DPMs operate under.

There are three specific changes we are advocating that would permit you to perform a total ankle replacement, treat a tibial pilon fracture and have more flexibility in performing a foot amputation. As to the latter issue, current law allows an amputation that is limited to the transmetatarsal level to the toes.

In the 2023 session, we succeeded in having a provision added to Senate Bill 9, An Act Concerning Health and Wellness for Connecticut Residents, to create a six-member scope of practice working group to discuss the issue under the direction of the Department of Public Health. Governor Lamont signed this into law as Public Act 23-97.

There will be three DPMs and three orthopedic surgeons on the working group.

CPMA is recommending Drs. Joe Treadwell, Dave Caminear and Gabe Gambardella to fill our three positions.

Dr. Kristen Winters, CPMA President, has organized conference calls to strategize on the issue. Dr. Rachel Albright has been an active participant and provided valuable data for the group’s use.

By February 1, 2024, the DPH commissioner is tasked with apprising the Public Health committee on the deliberations and discussions that occurred among the working group members. The final report can set the stage for legislation that would be considered in the 2024 session.

In the meantime, CPMA will pursue the more formal Scope of Practice Committee Review process in the Department of Public Health, where submissions are due August 15. Thjs is an “insurance card” in a sense.

Expanding the Podiatric scope of practice is important for the profession and your patients, and we keep you apprised of our progress in this regard.

For more information on how to help us engage with legislators and secure the future of our practice, please consider joining CPMA or reaching out to us directly.



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