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Facilitating Positive Change: CPMA President Dr. Kristen Winters

Facilitating Positive Change: CPMA President Dr. Kristen Winters

From Member to President: Kristen Winters and Her Involvement with CPMA

For over 100 years the Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association has been devoted to serving members the best experiences and opportunities in the state. We have been able to achieve this continued commitment due to the involvement of our passionate members, and the impeccable leadership of our dedicated CPMA Board.

Kristen Winters

We’re proud to introduce Kristen Winters, DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine), a dedicated long-time CPMA member who now assumes the esteemed position of our President. As we caught up with her, she graciously shared her insights on why she embraced this role and what brings her such genuine delight in fulfilling it.

Facilitating Positive Change: Dr. Winters’ CPMA Inspiration and Mission

In addition to her role with CPMA, Dr. Winters currently works and serves as the President of PodiatryCare P.C. in Enfield, CT. She has practiced in Connecticut for just over 20 years and found CPMA along the way. Prior to joining CPMA herself, she was featured as a lecturer at a CPMA event where she addressed her future fellow members whom she would be getting to know later that year. Embracing the idea of "creating and facilitating positive change," she dove headfirst into active involvement, attending various events, and eventually earning a place on the CPMA board.

Throughout her time as a CPMA member, Dr. Winters has seen a lot of value in making connections with others in the DPM community and has taken advantage of the professional development opportunities that CPMA provides. If others are interested in joining CPMA, she suggests they do so. To her, the association “helps to create professional growth and strength.”

Of the many events she has helped coordinate and attend, she enjoyed the symposium the most. She reflected that it was nice for time to be spent educating fellow staff and doctors who all have a shared passion and interest.

Outside of the passion Dr. Winters has for our work, she enjoys golfing, beach days, kayaking, pickleball, and biking. It’s no wonder she has a strong interest in sports medicine with how active she is! On the rare occasion that Dr. Winters slows down, you might catch her watching The Sound of Music.

We’re pleased to highlight Kristen Winters and extend our unwavering support for her dedication to CPMA over the years. To learn more about Dr. Winters, CPMA, and how our association can help you or your practice, reach out to us at!



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