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6 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy This Winter

6 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy This Winter

Don’t let winter weather get in the way of protecting your foot health! We’ve created a list of tips to stay healthy, safe, and active no matter what the weather brings. This way, nothing will stop you from getting the most out of the season!


1. Wear Appropriate Shoes Outside…

When you’re bundling up to stay warm and cozy in the snow, don’t forget your feet! Snow, sleet, and cold can all do serious damage to your toes. Whether you’re heading outside to shovel, ski, or just commute to work, you’ll thank yourself for wearing thick socks and sturdy soles.

And remember, the frigid weather isn’t the only danger to your lower half! The wet, icy ground is easy to slip on and a hard fall can harm both your feet and ankles. All the more reason to wear thick boots that provide warmth and good traction!

2. …And Indoors, Too!

While warm shoes are perfect for protecting you from the elements, at home they’ll do more harm than good. When you return from your outdoor activities, be sure to switch into comfortable, breathable shoes. Doing this allows your feet to air out - preventing fungal infection and stopping a cold from developing.

3. Skip the Hot Showers

While a steamy shower sounds great on a cold winter day, you won’t be feeling so great once the water stops. Scalding hot water can lead to dry feet that cracks and blisters. Instead, use temperate water, mild soaps, and moisturizers while cutting down your bathing routine to 15 minutes or less. This way you’ll still feel clean and refreshed without any adverse effects!

4. Pamper Yourself with the Right Socks

When heading out into the elements, wear thick wool or compression socks to promote circulation and keep your feet warm. When you get home, swap those for a pair of therapeutic socks. Some varieties are infused with moisturizers like aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe and comfort tired toes. They’re an extra layer of comfort after your shower to unwind at the end of the day.

5. No More Nail Polish

If you read our Fall foot-health tips, our next piece of advice isn’t news to you. For everyone else, we recommend using the season as a vacation from nail polish. Since you’ll be wearing close-toed shoes, leaving your toenails bare will give them an opportunity to breathe, regain their strength, and avoid discoloration.

6. Don’t Forget to Stretch

If you’re looking to go out and about in the cold, be sure to warm up your muscles first – especially if you’re an athlete! Cold weather reduces flexibility which can lead to injury. Stretching before heading outside ensures that your body will be ready for any adverse conditions and will help you stay stable even in poor weather. For more security, take smaller steps when walking or running to keep your balance and stay on your feet.


Want to keep your feet feeling their best no matter the season? Reach out to a local podiatrist! They’ll help you with your unique situation and diagnose problems before they arise.



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