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3 Ways for Podiatrists to Grow Their Dermatology Skills

3 Ways for Podiatrists to Grow Their Dermatology Skills

April is Foot Health Awareness Month — while patients may think podiatrists only treat the foot, we know better. Podiatry is an all-encompassing practice that tends to the structure of feet, the skin, and anything that afflicts it. To help inform your patients and keep them feeling their absolute best, we put together a list of resources to keep you on the cutting edge of care.

CPMA 4.15.22-2

1. Attend our Dermatology Lab

It’s hard to beat in-person training. Whether it includes hands-on experience, an exam at the end, or actionable lessons, in-person seminars are often taught clearly, offer various perspectives, and provide opportunities to get your questions answered directly.

That’s why CPMA is thrilled to offer an upcoming Dermatology and Wound Care Conference that’s available to podiatrists, dermatologists, and staff members! The innovative conference will address technology, conditions, coding, and insightful lessons from top leaders in our field including:

  • Beverly Falkner-Jones
  • Tony Iorio
  • Samuel Buonocore

Don’t miss your chance to attend the in-person conference. Save your spot today and learn more.

2. Use Online Resources

When in-person events are hard to come by, there are online resources available to help expand your knowledge. They feature explanations of the latest techniques, showcase the newest tools, provide insights to overcome difficult circumstances, examinations of case studies, and so much more.

Some of our favorite online resources include:

3. Find a Mentor

As with other aspects of our field, a great way to learn and improve is finding a mentor. By working with a senior podiatrist, you have the opportunity to ask direct questions, pay extra attention to specific topics and techniques, and form a working relationship with a top expert in your field.

At CPMA, we’re always ready to connect you with the podiatric community here in Connecticut. See how we can help you find a mentor, grow your skills, and expand your practice by becoming a member today.



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