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4 Ways to Get Active and Grow with CPMA

4 Ways to Get Active and Grow with CPMA

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” —Henry Ford (1863-1947) and Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909)

CPMA has served the Connecticut Podiatric Community since 1910. The goal of our society, and those around the country, is to foster camaraderie through education, legislative achievements, and community service.


As we have seen throughout the years, our careers and profession improve when we band together and participate. For all the Connecticut Podiatrists who have served at the board level, and for all who have volunteered their time on state committees, the satisfaction of a job well done is always followed by growth — personal and professional.

History shows, podiatrists who are engaged in their state and national society, rise to have the most successful practices. However, joining is just the start. Making the time to participate in community service, like Special Olympics, just one half-day a year, or acting as a board member on a state committee, elevates your game!

We will continue to make amazing strides for our profession here in Connecticut, but we need help from you, a member at large, to continue all the great work that has been done.

1. Attend CPMA Events

Whether you’re joining us for a hands-on workshop, keeping your staff qualified with our X-Ray Certification class, or learning and networking at our Annual Symposium, actively engaging with our events is a great place to start.

We create our schedule of events with podiatrist growth in mind. As an attendee, you learn new techniques, see the latest tools in action, find better ways to help your patients, and have networking opportunities. No matter your goals, we have ways to help you achieve them!

2. Volunteer with CPMA

Volunteering is another fantastic opportunity to connect with your peers and potential new patients. Even better, volunteering is a rewarding experience in and of itself, knowing that your time and skill have helped people in-need.


Pictured above are CPMA members who assisted at the 2022 Special Olympics Fit Feet (left to right):

Sarah Gleeson, Jessica Bender, Kristina Bystrak, Marc Lederman, Kurt Rode

Not shown: John Gaetano

We were honored to return to the Special Olympics in 2022 and support Fit Feet. We saw about 40 athletes — providing foot health screenings and supplying them with new socks, laces, and over-the-counter orthosis. The athletes were incredibly grateful, and it was a strong reminder of the important role our profession plays in Connecticut.

3. Join the CPMA Board or a Committee

Looking to make a mark on CPMA and the greater Connecticut community? Then join our Board or one of our Committees!

Active members help us educate other doctors about important policy changes, technology updates, and more. They also showcase their expertise to new podiatrists by sharing their experiences, tips, and case studies, creating the schedule for our Annual Symposium, and contributing to blogs and emails.

In this position, you get when you give. Doctors in this position are able to grow their leadership skills, find others to help them on their journey, and ensure that everyone in our state succeeds.

Looking to join? Reach out to the head of a committee here:

Additionally, feel free to contact us directly.

4. Follow Us on Social Media

You can stay active in CPMA virtually as well! By following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can stay abreast of the latest news, lessons, and highlights that matter to our field of medicine. Even better, your engagement helps us get the word out to others in our area, inspire new doctors, and make patients more knowledgeable and excited about podiatry.



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