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President’s Message • Fall 2023

President’s Message • Fall 2023

President's Message From the desk of Kristen Winters

What a year it’s been so far for our association! I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as your President and am looking forward to seeing you all next week at our annual Podiatric Symposium. I am fortunate to work with our newly appointed Executive Director of the Markens group, Kristen Wing, who has been exceptional in taking on this leadership role. The newly elected executive board are also connected and actively participating in their respective committees on this year’s agenda.  

Our annual Podiatric Symposium will be held again this year on November 3-4. Please consider attending this event as the more participation we have, the more opportunities we can create to network and interact with each other, our staff, and vendors. These connections help to foster continued growth and only make us a stronger association for our future. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time, and we would love to have your perspective included at this great event. 

We have been steadfast in our legislative efforts this year. This past spring, I had the opportunity give testimony to the Public Health Committee and reinforced the importance of Title Protection as we will attempt to preserve our ability to refer to ourselves as Podiatric Physicians within our state. This is of huge importance to all our Podiatric practices. We continue to look to expand our Practice Act to perform total ankle replacement, treat tibial pilon fractures and expand our foot amputation law to gain the ability to perform amputations proximal to the Lis Franc's joint. We believe if you have the expertise and training, the Connecticut Law should not prohibit you from performing these procedures. 

Fee parity is also an ongoing agenda item as we continue to address the importance of equity in our reimbursements for procedures we perform as with other providers who perform the same. We also are addressing Medicaid’s reimbursement rates and are looking to increase these rates for all Podiatric providers.   

We need your involvement in these legislative efforts. There is a significant benefit in contacting your local senator or legislator on these issues. Please look out for upcoming information we will provide via email on how to help us win these battles – join me in these efforts as we need all your involvement! 

Thank you again for this opportunity as I look forward to finishing out the year working for and with you all. 

Kind Regards,
Kristen Winters
President, CPMA Board of Directors 



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