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We welcome Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re currently in postgraduate training, have an active practice, teach full-time, or have retired – you can contribute to the CPMA community.

CPMA has both local engagement and a national reach. You’ll benefit from the close-knit community here in Connecticut as well as the resources of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Our members gain the exposure, credibility, and career development opportunities to effectively grow their podiatric practices. You’ll join our searchable network of podiatrists that patients across the country use to find the best possible care.

You’ll also benefit from involvement in our community, including mentorship opportunities. New and established podiatrists alike can gain meaningful insights and experiences from these connections.

To make membership accessible for all licensed DPMs, we calculate membership dues on a sliding scale, which accounts for your practice status and years of experience.

Join us by applying for membership now.



CPMA values the contributions of DPMs and through our lobbyist we continue to educate the legislators in Connecticut and the U.S. Congress on the importance of Podiatric Medical services and our profession as a whole. This way, you can focus on giving your patients the best possible care and know that your voice is always being heard at the state and federal level. With these efforts in the past we achieved fee parity through negotiations with Anthem and secured the surgical ankle privileges that our well-trained Podiatrists are now able to perform. We continue to pursue reform that further recognizes the value of podiatry and results in continued parity across the medical disciplines.


The American Podiatric Medical Association, Inc. (APMA) and CPMA are delighted to present qualified CPMA members with complimentary access to the APMA Coding Resource Center (CRC). 

The CRC is an online reference to allow you to look up codes, check CCI edits, review your Medicare Administrative Contractor's LCD, get the latest coding and reimbursement information blurbs, review a library of guidelines, articles, and more. You can access this resource wherever you have an internet connection.

This deal is one of the first of its kind with APMA components, and all CPMA members with status A1-A4, AC, R33, 5.4, and SM are eligible to participate.

If you are already a subscriber, no problem, just follow the process below to extend your existing subscription at no extra charge to you.  CPMA is one of the first state components to offer the single best online coding resources (a $329 value) to its members, which provides exceptional value to you for your CPMA and APMA membership.


All CPMA members join our searchable network of licensed DPMs utilized by patients across the country. Your inclusion increases your credibility and makes it easier for new patients to find you. CPMA members are more likely to use other members for referrals.

In addition, you’ll benefit from our marketing initiatives. Alongside APMA, we publicize the importance of podiatry to outlets across the state, bringing new visitors to our website on a regular basis.


CPMA members gain access to an abundance of virtual resources to keep you up to date on new research and further elevate your professional expertise. Your membership includes:

  • The Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (six times/year)
  • The APMA News (10 times/year)
  • The APMA Daily eNews
  • APMA Alert (two times/month)

You’ll also join our members-only website, which offers valuable news and interactive online courses. By completing online material at your convenience, you can earn continuing medical education (CME) credits at no additional cost. These courses will enable you to remain at the forefront of the podiatric profession long after you’ve completed your residency.


CPMA members benefit from numerous opportunities to connect with colleagues, including former classmates and recent graduates. Our annual Scientific Symposium brings the community together for innovative lectures, practical workshops, and networking events. The topics covered span many areas of podiatry as well as a range of other relevant medical disciplines. We also host community service events, like the Connecticut Special Olympics, and meetings for smaller communities within CPMA, such as our Young Member Meeting.

Outside of our regular in-person events, you can utilize our invaluable member directory to contact colleagues and refer patients. We particularly encourage new and established podiatrists to connect and support one another.



Open for all practicing DPMs with five or more years’ experience. Members need to have their main office in Connecticut.


Open for all practicing DPMS with less than five years experience.


Open to any DPM practicing in any country outside the United States who is a graduate of a CPME-accredited college of podiatric medicine, or a practitioner of any country, other than the United States, who devotes a substantial portion of his or her practice to the medical and/or surgical care of the foot.


Open to a DPM who is disabled and the payment of dues would constitute a hardship. The member must be under the regular care of an outside physician and may not derive any income or profit from any activity as a DPM.


Open to licensed DPMs who are engaged primarily in a teaching or research position at a college of podiatric medicine, medical school, or academic health science center.

Federal Services Member

Open to licensed DPMs whose sole employment in the field of podiatric medicine is in the Federal Services.

Life Membership

Open to a member in good standing if:

  1. Has completely retired and remains retired from practice of podiatric medicine;
  2. Attained the age of 65; and
  3. Either been a member in good standing for 20 consecutive years or for an aggregate of 30 years OR a licensed DPM member who has been in good standing for a minimum of 50 years (aggregate).


Open to a DPM who has not been engaged in practice for a minimum of one year for any reason unrelated to revocation of licensure.


Residents and Postgraduates may join without fee and is open to DPMs who meet one of the following:

  1. Residents, fellows, or full-time postgraduate students;
  2. Graduates who, during the first year following graduation, have not entered practice; or
  3. Graduates who have been admitted to a residency program.

Senior Membership

Open to a licensed DPM who is a current member in good standing if:

  1. Attained the age of 65;
  2. Is not actively engaged in practice for more than 20 hours per week;
  3. Has been in good standing for 20 consecutive years or for an aggregate of 25 years.

5.4 Status

Open to DPMs for whom the payment of dues would constitute a hardship due to a temporary physical disability, illness, or other reasons as investigated and set forth by CPMA. This status allows the member to be excused from payment of both CPMA and APMA dues (all or a portion), for the current fiscal year. It may be renewed annually by the member’s application.


  1. Hands-On Cadaveric Lab

    January 29, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 1:30 pm


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