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CPMA and the Next Generation of Podiatry

CPMA and the Next Generation of Podiatry

CPMA and the Next Generation of Podiatry

For over a year, pandemic restrictions prevented in-person events, networking, and other valuable opportunities for young podiatrists. Once it was safe to reconvene, we quickly came together to support the next generation of up-and-coming podiatrists.

CPMA 2021-01

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, we hosted a Young Physicians’ Dinner at the Blake Hotel in New Haven, CT. The dinner provided much-needed togetherness after a long, complicated year, and showcased the promise of a future filled with informative in-person events, meaningful networking, and compelling education. Overall, a total of 11 young physicians gathered, including residents ranging from PGY-1 through PGY-3 and attending physicians. Physicians connected with each other as well as CPMA Board Members, Farlyn Charlot, Rachel Albright, and Sanjay Patel. The most impactful moment of the evening took place when Board Members encouraged attendees to be vocal, engaged, and active advocates for CPMA.

To secure the future of podiatry, we must put in the work today. We seek to empower young podiatrists by providing a wealth of networking and educational opportunities and access to cutting-edge resources. Learn more about our membership benefits and apply to become a member today.


To ensure the growth of our profession and the safety of our patients, podiatrists at every level must keep learning. We are always working to expand our robust index of Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses which are available to all Connecticut podiatrists.

CPMA members gain access to our in-person and online events which highlight the latest research, technology, and techniques, featuring leaders in our field of medicine. Members can stay updated on these key details by revisiting webinars through our event archive.

Young podiatrists find irreplaceable hands-on experience with our in-person events. Programs like our Cadaveric Lab provide opportunities to practice on human anatomy in a low-risk setting, as well as learn all about the latest studies in podiatric medicine.

Networking and Mentorship

Education isn’t all there is to be a successful podiatrist. Experience is critical to running a practice, interacting with patients, managing a team, knowing solutions, and so much more. Many of these lessons are only taught by time — or a mentor.

We connect young podiatrists with established physicians with whom they have yet to interact. These leaders provide insightful lessons and stories for the next generation. This highlights new ways to approach patients, challenges, surgeries, and all parts of practice.

In addition to mentoring, our online and in-person events double as fantastic networking opportunities. Young podiatrists meet and get to know their peers, collaborate, and grow together.


CPMA’s Annual Symposium is the best way for a podiatrist to take their practice to the next level. This multi-day conference brings together the brightest minds in Connecticut to showcase the latest research and newest technological advancements in podiatric medicine. Podiatrists meet with their peers, medical vendors, and other leaders to expand one another’s horizons and improve our field as a collective.

Whether you’re just starting your career as a podiatric medical professional or are already part of an established practice, we’re certain you will benefit from attending our 2021 Annual Symposium. Attendees of our Young Physician Dinner will recognize Dr. Rachel Albright who will be providing an update on the state of podiatric research, as well as other CPMA Board Members who will be leading engaging programs during the event. Interested? Be sure to save your spot before tickets sell out.



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